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Sustainability is becoming a new popular trend in the United States. Sustainability is the practice of using energy efficient products to help save energy in buildings or household.


Sustainability doesn’t just stop in homes or buildings, but it’s also about social responsibility, and equal access to jobs, economic growth, health care, etc.


Sustainability and interior design go hand and hand. More realtors and housing communities are urging their contractors to use sustainable products such as LED lighting.


Living in a sustainable house has a reputation of being costly. According to, if people buy their own products and use recycled materials, then building a sustainable home won’t be as pricey as people think.



Ja’da Hillman is an interior design student at Georgia Southern University. She plans on working for a company that practices sustainability.


“Sustainability may seem pricey, but it’s better for the planet and for the people that lives here,” Hillman said.


Georgia Southern University offers sustainable courses that will help people understand why it’s important to live in a sustainable home.


Brittany Litton is a nursing major at Georgia Southern University that is interested in learning about sustainability.


“It seemed like sustainability just came out of nowhere and I wanted to see what all the buzz was about,” Litton said.


One should always remember to research sustainable products that will benefit their living standards.

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