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Students Get a Solid Core Workout at the RAC By Way of the "Awesome Abs" Group Fitness Class

By: Ristomatti Lanne Luke Pashke

Photo Credit: Luke Pashke

The Campus Recreation Intramurals office organizes a lot of activities for students to get fit at the Recreation Activity Center at Georgia Southern University. One of its main functions is to set up and maintain the group fitness schedule, which runs throughout the spring and fall semesters.


Awesome Abs: A Brief but Effective Workout

By: Luke Pashke

The shortest group fitness class by far, "Awesome Abs", packs a big punch in its tiny twenty-minute timeframe. Due to this efficiency, the core-centric program is one of the RAC's most popular fitness classes.

Interactive Blog: Group Fitness from the Perspective of One of Us

Our very own, Austin Smith, particpated in a group fitness class at the RAC here at Georgia Southern. He got a real sweat in and recounted his experience for you!


Check out his blog and our interactive blogs from the past right here!

H.I.I.T. Fit Gets Students in Shape in a Fun Way


By: Tariq Abdul

The RAC at Georgia Southern has been offering free group fitness classes for students looking to get in shape. Classes like H.I.I.T. Fit, allow students the opportunity to get fit in a fun way.

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