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"Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" raises sexual violence awareness around campus in a unique way

Photo Credit: Tariq Abdul

Walking in high heels is a fun way to allow men to see things from a women's perspective, but more importantly it draws attention to a serious issue; the prominence and stigma of sexual violence in college.

The University Wellness Program and the Statesboro Regional Sexual Assault Center held the fourth annual “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” on March 31 at the rotunda on Georgia Southern’s campus...

Student Athletes Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

By: Austin Smith

Why Should You Walk?

By: Tariq Abdul

Interactive Blog: My experience in red high heels


By: Ristomatti Lanne

Struggle a Mile In Her Shoes

The Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event took place at Georgia Southern University on Thursday. The goal of the event was to raise awareness of sexual assault and funds for the victims.The way the event works, is that men walk a mile-long route in high heels...

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