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Students Get a Solid Core Workout at the RAC By Way of the "Awesome Abs" Group Fitness Class

The Campus Recreation Intramurals office organizes a lot of activities for students to get fit at the Recreation Activity Center in Georgia Southern University.


One of its main functions is to set up and maintain the group fitness schedule, which runs throughout the spring and fall semesters. The group fitness schedule consists of various different workout sessions such as spinning, yoga,

pilates, and abs workouts. These workouts last for 20 minutes to a full hour on every day of the week.


Every year the 20-minute abs workout session called the Awesome Abs, organized nine times a week, gathers most students to work on their core. First-year Awesome Abs instructor, Ellyn Duncan, says every instructor has their own class program, but the main idea remains the same.


Photo Credit: Luke Pashke

“The class focuses on the core solely, so we do things like planks, but it also has a little bit of a cardio aspect,” Duncan said.


She adds that the quick results and the compactness of the class, 20 minutes and no breaks, are the reasons why Awesome Abs maintains its popularity among students. Also working out with a group of other students motivates participants to do better in those sessions.


From the student perspective Awesome Abs is viewed as a nice, short workout, which is thus easy to fit to one’s schedule. Kirstin Jensen attended the class for a second time, because she likes to work out in a group with an instructor.


"At first I didn’t think I would like working out in a group, but it gives the work out a structure I suppose,” Jensen said.


She says the class makes her abs sore, but she is planning to come back and attend other abs workouts in the future.


Next week will be the last one with the regular group fitness schedule and during finals week the CRI will set up a special schedule for students. Stay up to date with the CRI by following them on Twitter @GSUCampusREC or visit their website

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