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Health & Fitness

This semester our group will be covering Health & Fitness in the local area. Our goal is to deliver interesting and entertaining news surrounding the subject through a variety of platforms. We will be striving to deliver our news to you in a unique and refreshing way, in order to not only entertain, but to be as thorough as possible.


Follow us on twitter, @GSUHealthandFit, to keep up with our coverage and see our content as soon as it’s published.


In February, we covered the University Wellness Program’s annual Wellness Week. If you missed our coverage or would like to revisit any of it, our content will remain on the Wellness Week page.


Last month we covered the habits of student’s fitness behavior as spring break approached. In addition, we examined some of the services offered to students looking to get in better shape at the University. Please feel free to view our coverage if you're not caught up.


This month we covered the event, "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes", a collaborative event around campus that aims to raise awareness to sexual assault, rape, and gender violence. To learn more about the event, take a look at our "Walk a Mile" page.


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