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Eagles Encouraging Eagles in the 2016 Election

Story By: Caroline Eaker

September 26,2016


When it comes to this year's general election in Bulloch county, will you be in the game or on the sidelines?


If you’re on the sidelines, you  can only watch and not have an impact and say, but if you decide to join the game and show up at the polls then you have taken the first step in making Bulloch county a better place.


Voting is the foundation of our democracy and is one of the many freedoms that we have been granted as Americans, but unfortunately entirely too many people do not vote and do not do their part.


Georgia Southern University's student Government Association partnered with Collegiate 100 of Georgia Southern to host a voters registration drive in Russell Union ballroom on September 28 which was national voters registration day.


Tervarious Cater, President of the Collegiate 100 of Georgia Southern said that these organizations put this event together to get people informed about the upcoming election and also to get people to get registered to vote.

Carter, a senior electrical engineering major, wants to leave students and voters with one simple word of advice about voting,” This is an important election and not only do you need to get registered but you need to get informed about the election”.


According to Mental Floss a 1910 election for Buffalo New York’s congressional district,

between Democrat Charles B. Smith and De Alva S. Alexander was the only time that a

candidate snuck by incumbent by a single vote, 20,685 to 20,684. So never take that old

saying lightly, every vote matters!


Sadie Cornett, freshman criminal justice major, was one of the students who was working

at the voter's registration drive and she explained that she feels it is really important for

students to not only be informed about the Presidential election but that it is

imperative for students to be aware of what is happening in the Bulloch county elections.


There is a large gap in the demographic of people who vote and those who do not and

many times people who chose not to vote are those who are not educated.

Freshman Haylee Walker agreed and said “ the Sheriff's race is something affects all of

Bulloch County, the Sheriff is someone who will affect all students and many students think

about the police force regularly”.


When it comes to elections ignorance is not bliss and being an

informed voter will only benefit the voter and their community in the long run. Every vote

counts and every vote matters so this election season do not forget to get involved and do your

part as an American.

For more information about this event watch the video below.

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