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The University Wellness Program kicked off its annual Wellness Week on Monday

By Luke Pashke


STATESBORO, Ga – The University Wellness Program kicked off its annual Wellness Week on Monday at the rotunda on Georgia Southern’s campus.


The week, held each spring semester, is intended to inform students about the different aspects of wellness and the resources that are available to them through the university.


“We want to inform students of the multiple dimensions of wellness and let students know that there are organizations and departments that can help you out with your wellness,” Marcus Nesbitt, a graduate assistant in the office of public education, said.


The seven dimensions of wellness are physical, social, environmental, spiritual, intellectual, occupational, and emotional. While some of these aspects of wellness are given more attention than others, they are all equally important to a person’s well-being.


“I hope students are able to recognize what the seven dimensions of wellness are and recognize that this is a multi-facet program and not just focused on physical health,” Gemma Skuraton, organizer of yesterday’s kickoff, said. “Wellness is the state of your being while health is the state of your body.”


In order to combat this, Skuraton gathered different student organizations together for the kickoff to highlight the different aspects of wellness. Some of the organizations there included the Sexual Assault Student Educators, the Center for Sustainabilty, and Active Minds, a student organization that breaks the stigma that’s tied to mental health and illnesses.


Kaleem Morrow, a member of Active Minds, believes it’s essential for students to understand that wellness is multi-faceted because it’s not stressed enough and it can lead to great things.

The kickoff's main booth served as a centerpoint to direct students to the different organizations on campus that can help students with wellness.

Photo Credit: Luke Pashke

Throughout this week the Wellness Program will be hosting events that highlight the different dimensions of wellness. Headliners of the week include the program’s LiveWell Fair, as well as an appearance by guest speaker and comedian, David Breel.


Yesterday’s kickoff was just the beginning of the week and by the end of it Skuraton hopes students gain something truly valuable.


“Hopefully Wellness Week will highlight the multi-facets of wellness,” Skuraton said. “It’s a life skill that they hopefully take with them after they graduate for the rest of their lives.”

When you have all of those parts in line and all of those things are working well for you, then it benefits you in fantastic ways,” Morrow said. “You’re more likely to do better in school and be social with your interactions with people and just wellness as a whole is something that we as a society don’t put enough emphasis on.”


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