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Wellness Center Hosts the Campus Farmer's Market

STATESBORO, GA. - The Campus Farmer’s Market gives students access to purchase local goods and healthier food choices directly on campus.


The Wellness Center brings local farmers and vendors to campus, allowing students to buy goods that were made using environmentally sustainable practices. A couple of the practices include not using antibiotics or growth hormones and  using fewer pesticides.


Although the farmer’s market is known for selling fresh produce such as vegetables and fruits, lately many vendors have not been showing up to the event.







Owners and baristas of coffee shops native to the Statesboro area talk about what makes their shop unique, some of the challenges of operating a coffee shop, and their best-sellers/signature coffee beverages.

Spring break is a time that students and faculty look forward to all semester. Whether you're staying in the 'Boro, going home, going on a service trip, or hitting the beach, this much needed break is sure to rejuvenate the Eagles for a strong finish to the semester. 

Wings are finger-lickin' good. They go well with almost every occasion, sport games, movies, parties, you name it. Georgia Southern students all have their favorite spot to go eat when it comes to wings. 

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